Springtime Vine Update

April 9, 2018 | The VBB in the News

Hey everybody! Welcome back to our blog! We are excited to bring you another post today with an update on our vines! Spring is here and we are delighted to see how beautiful everything looks. The Hill Country is stunning this time of year and as you can see in the pictures above, the bluebonnets are blooming like crazy!

We can excitedly report that after we began seeing our first signs of growth in late March, now we are seeing very robust vines heading into Spring.  What is going on with our vines you ask?  We are currently in the stage where as the weather warms, sap rises up causing the buds to break.  At this stage of their life cycle the buds are extremely delicate. We are holding our breath at the sign of any severe storms as it could seriously harm the young buds.

After these buds break they continue their growth as we go full steam ahead into the Spring season!  As we prune we are diligent to take care of any sucker shoots, shoots growing below main canes on the trunk, and any downward facing shoots.  What we are really striving for is upward facing shoots that will give our vines a much more concentrated growth of new shoots and clusters!

History has shown over the past two years that young clusters begin to appear in early April and continue through May here in Texas.  So that is the phase we find ourselves in today!  Unfortunately you won’t just yet see any flowers on the grape vine because they are still covered by flower caps.  Don’t let the photos fool you, those aren’t actually berries showing up on the vines.  We are still in the early days of the growing season, but rest assured that as soon as the temperatures rise, the grape vine flowers will become visible and will begin pollinating themselves!  Grapevine flowers have the ability to pollinate themselves and because of this they are known as “perfect flowers.”  No need for bees here!  As these clusters of flowers form they are preparing to eventually become the berry bunches that we are all so excited about!

Stay tuned as we continue to update and paint a picture for you of our vines and their journey through the life cycle!  Maybe at our next update we will have some berry bunches to talk about!  Thanks for stopping by, and we cannot wait to see you at the Vineyard B&B at Lost Creek Ranch.  Warm weather, here we come!


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