5 Signs You Need a Getaway

May 23, 2018 | The VBB in the News

  Sometimes work and life in general can be really overwhelming and it’s healthy to step away from it all to relax and unwind. Self-care is so important and if you don’t take care of yourself, how can you expect to be the best spouse, parent, employee, etc. to the people who need you? We’ve brainstormed 5 signs to know it’s time for a getaway. Do any of these apply to you?   1. When you start to stress over the little things the same way you stress over something big. It’s time for a getaway when you find yourself stressing out over something unimportant in the grand scheme of things. When you find yourself sweating the small stuff, plan a weekend away to recharge and blow off steam.   2. When you can’t remember the last time you had a free weekend to yourself. Have you ever stopped to think about the last time you had a relaxing weekend and found that you can’t even recall how long it has been?  That is a sure sign that you need to escape to get some YOU time!   3. When you need to celebrate something, even if it’s small. Maybe it’s a birthday or holiday.  Maybe your kids are finally graduated and you have the house to yourself. Did you meet a small goal recently? Did you achieve something at work? Celebrate yourself, along with life’s big and small achievements.  It helps you to create a memory that allows you to remember how happy you were in that moment of your life.   4. When your vacation days are adding up. Vacation days are there for a reason and you’ll be no good to anyone if you don’t step away to recoup every now and then. The days of working yourself to the bone and not taking any time off are long gone.  Studies show that people are more productive when they give themselves a break!   Clearly you need to use these valuable days and there’s no better time than right now!   5. You don’t have anything on your calendar to look forward to. If all you have scheduled for the next couple of months is work and your kid’s activities, you need to add something on there for you PRONTO. Making fun plans gives you something that can help pass the time more quickly!   Here at The Vineyard B&B we put your relaxation and enjoyment first. Our rooms are perfect for that much needed alone time, or you can relax on the balcony as the sun goes down with a glass of wine! The views are so calming and perfectly set the scene for you and a good book. We’d love to see you this summer, and if you’re interested in finding out more information about booking you can email us at stay@thevbb.com or call us at: 844-784-3882.


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