Vineyard Vines & The Preparation Process

March 1, 2018 | The VBB in the News

    Hey everyone!  If it’s your first time to the blog, Welcome, and if you are a returning reader Thanks for coming back for more.  We at the Vineyard B&B at Lost Creek Ranch have been hard at work preparing our vines for what we hope is another year of fruitful growth!  We bet you had no idea that during our maintenance of the vines we can expect to remove 70-90 percent of the previous year’s growth each winter.  That means a lot of work pruning our beloved plants to be sure and encourage the growth of new vines in the spring which will then develop the ever-popular fruit so many of you come to see.

     A lot of planning and science goes on behind the scenes to ensure that we cultivate our grapevines and maximize the growth of our grapes for you, our guests, to enjoy!  Here is a breakdown of what has been happening.  First off if you were to look at any grapevines across the hill country right now you would notice vines cut to what looks like a T shape.  They are pruned in this manner to maximize the amount of “One-year-old wood.” One-year-old wood is the part of the plant that will promote the growth of new fruit!  Without rigorous care the vines would be more prone to dense growth of older wood, and that could lead to a variety of problems from limited growth to disease.  Our secondary reason for working so hard on pruning the vines is to create an orderly environment of growth along the trellis.  In our Vineyard you will see vines growing from heavy duty wire in two to four main branches a few feet above the ground.  You will even notice that some of our vines have been trained to grow up the side of our balcony, wrapping themselves along our porch railing.  This is one of our favorite features of the property and something we work hard to maintain for our visitors to enjoy!

     So there you have a little update on what has gone on behind the scenes to ensure that our spring time visitors have an abundance of healthy and beautiful grapevines to enjoy when they visit the Vineyard B&B at Lost Creek Ranch.  We can’t wait to see you and share our beautiful slice of the hill country with you!


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